"A Laboratory history of Chemical Warfare Agents", by Jared Ledgard

"A Laboratory history of Chemical Warfare Agents", by Jared Ledgard

Printed: 266 pages, 8.50" x 11.00", perfect binding, 60# white interior paper, black and white interior ink , 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink
ISBN: 978-0-6151-3645-5
Publisher: Jared Ledgard
Copyright: © 2006 Jared Ledgard Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Edition: 2




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A Laboratory History of Chemical Warfare Agents is a revolutionary book discussing the laboratory preparation of some of the most interesting toxic substances known to man. However broad the field may be, this book is an invaluable collection of nearly 100 years of chemical warfare research and history. From the researcher to the student or just plain novice, the information contained herein will change the way you think about warfare agents and their properties. The book is a valuable educational tool designed to give the reader a full picture of the world of chemical warfare agents. NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: this book has been renamed from The Preparatory Manual of Chemical Warfare Agents to A Laboratory History of Chemical Warfare Agents.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Laboratory tutorial on techniques and procedures
Chapter 2: Reference guide
Chapter 3: Physical Nature of Lachrymator, disabling, and irritant substances
Chapter 4: Preparation of Lachrymator, disabling, and irritant substances
Chapter 5: Physical Nature of Blood Agents
Chapter 6: The Preparation of blood agents
Chapter 7: Physical Nature of Blister agents
Chapter 8: Preparation of Blister Agents
Chapter 9: Physical Nature of Nerve agents
Chapter 10: Preparation of Nerve Agents
Chapter 11: The preparation of experimental chemical warfare agents
Chapter 12: Dissemination techniques and munitions

Warfare Agents include:

01-001. Chloropicrin
01-002. Bromopicrin
01-003. DA. Diphenylchloroarsine
01-004. DM. Adamsite
01-005. CA. Chloroacetone
01-007. BC. Bromoacetone
01-008. DIIMINE
01-009. CS
01-010. CN. Chloroacetophenone
01-011. BBC
02-001. AC. Hydrogen cyanide
02-002. CA. Cyanogen
02-003. CK. Cyanogen chloride
02-004. BC. Cyanogen bromide
02-005. Arsine
02-006. VS. Vinylarsine
02-007. Phosgene. Carbonyl chloride
03-001. Sulfur Mustard. Mustard gas. Kampfstoff
03-002. Sulfur Mustard-II. Mustard gas II
03-003. MD. Methyldichloroarsine
03-004. ED. Ethyldichloroarsine
03-005. Lewisite. 2-Chlorovinyldichloroarsine
03-006. PD. Phenyldichloroarsine
03-007. AS-20. Distilled Arsine mixture
03-008. HN1. N-ethyl-2,2'di(chloroethyl) amine
03-009. HN2. N-methyl-2,2'di(chloroethyl) amine
03-10. HN3. tris(beta-chloroethyl)amine
03-011. HN4. tris(beta-chlorobutyl)amine
03-012. CX. Phosgene oxime
04-001. Sarin. GB; Trilon 46
04-002. Thiosarin. GS. Sulfur sarin
04-003. ChloroSarin. ClGB
04-004. Sarin-Ethyl. GBE. Sarin-II
04-005. FluoroTabun Hydrochloride. FTH
04-006. Tabun. GA
04-007. NPF. Neopentylene phosphoryl fluoridate
04-008. Sarin-isopropyl. GBI. Sarin-III
04-009. Cyclosarin. GF
04-010. ThioTabun. GAA
04-011. Soman. GD. Trilon
04-012. NPSF. Neopentylene thiophosphorus fluoridate
04-013. Tabun-II. GAA
04-014. ThioSoman. GDS. ThioTrilon
04-015. ChloroSoman. GDCl. ChloroTrilon
04-016. VX. TX-60
04-017. IIVX. Sub-VX
04-018. V-sub x
11-001. Chemical agent 4-692-530-01
11-002. Chemical agent 4-692-530-02
11-003. Chemical agent 4-686-293-01
11-004. Chemical agent 4-686-293-02

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