This book is designed as an analytical studies of terrorism and the reasons, and theologies that terrorism posses, and why terrorism exists. Many of the listings in this book are very controversial in nature, but are not intended to support or promote any terrorist activities in anyway; furthermore, this book is designed to emphasize the ideologies of terrorism, and to better help the reader understand what and how terrorists think, their tactics and strategies, and their goals.
This book contains graphic and controversial material that may offend some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.
This book contains radical ideas and forecloses information that may be shocking or confusing to some readers.
This book contains information and analytical data that may offend some religious people; however, this book is not intended on bashing or offending any religious organizations, groups, or institutes in anyway, and is strictly in existence to teach the reader the ideologies and theories of terrorists from all walks of life. The following book does not reflect nor express the ideas or beliefs of the author or publisher in anyway.