Important videos, that changed the world (Note: Jared Ledgard does not support nor condone any actions seen in such videos including violence, death, and/or destruction); as such Jared Ledgard is in seek of truth, and does not conform to standard media censorship. As well all videos are taken from public scources and hence adheres to the information right to know act. Jared Ledgard does not support or condone any of the following videos.

Fighting in and around GRozny 1995; the Russians are defeated on all levels, even though they have mass weapons.

The Russian siege at a movie theater. Sleeping gas was used to subdue the combatants.


Juba is and was the sniper of Iraq with over 300 kills.


Shows Russians in the flat lands. From there they would launch their attack. However, the Russians are hesitant to migrate into the mountains. Many of the Russians are criminals, let out of jail to fight in Chechnya.


A typical Russian video showing Russians; what it does not show is Russians being defeated. Most of the Russian fighters are criminals let out of jail to fight the chechens.


Documentary showing the Russians losing battle against the Chechens. The Russians play allot of games, even kicking each other in the testicles. Russians are some foul gaming joke disgusting. Some Russian soldiers even sodomize their fellow soldiers with carbon and steel rods.



Al Quida tries to match ISIS. If America was smart it would get both to fight each other; but America is stupid.


The chechens try to for-go their differences with the Russians, but it is clear Russia has no respect for chechens. In fact Putin wants to "eliminate" the chechens.