Important videos, that changed the world (Note: Jared Ledgard does not support nor condone any actions seen in such videos including violence, death, and/or destruction); as such Jared Ledgard is in seek of truth, and does not conform to standard media censorship. As well all videos are taken from public scources and hence adheres to the information right to know act. Jared Ledgard does not support or condone any of the following videos.


A US M1 tank gest nailed by a IED.


Chechens fighting the Russians; from 1650 to 2015, the chechens have been fighting the evil Russians; what do the chechens want? Well, all the chechens want is independence, but Putin does not like that. Putin wants Chechnya to be part of the "Russian Federation", so he can get his power trip, and make money off Chechnya oil and gas reserves.Since November of 1994 to 2015, over 34,000 Russians have died fighting the Chechens. It is estimated that over 70,000 innocent Chechen civilians have died (most killed by Russians); the estimate of chechen rebel fighers killed is still unknown.


Similar action against Russian forces; regardless, many Russians died for Putin, and got nothing for it. Putin has been the dictator of Russia for 15 years now. When was the last time they had elections in Russia? Not since Putin took power; he eliminates any opposition, like Hitler and the Nazis.


Chechnya-Shatoi-Operation, 1996, over 20 Russian tanks destroyed; Russian KIA: 250+; this was last time Russian forces entered the mountains.


Chechen rbels take over a Moscow Theatre, but mess up and fail, in their efforst. Things they could have done: 1. cover up all vents with plastic and tape; 2. detonate bombs.


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