Important videos, that changed the world (Note: Jared Ledgard does not support nor condone any actions seen in such videos including violence, death, and/or destruction); as such Jared Ledgard is in seek of truth, and does not conform to standard media censorship. As well all videos are taken from public scources and hence adheres to the information right to know act. Jared Ledgard does not support or condone any of the following videos.


Chechnya, 1996; the chechens have dealt the Russians a heavy blow; since the invasion by Russia in 11/05/1995, the Russians have suffered severe loses up to 16,000 dead in less then a year. By the end of 1996, Russian troops began to withdraw.


The battle of Grozny 1995; Russian forces circled the city aimed to cut off all Chechen defenses. It worked, but Grozny was re-captured by insurgents a year later.


ISIS executes a conspirator by shotgun; this conspirator was working for the CIA.


ISIS burns a Jordanian pilot alive. It was rumored that this same pilot, who flew an F-16, dropped bombs on innocent people during the Iraq war.


George W. Bush challenging the insurgents; "bring'em on" he pronouces.


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